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Care Proceedings

Social Services

It is vital that anyone who is involved with social workers in respect of their children gets legal advice regarding their position. Legal advice in these circumstances is FREE. Get in touch now so you can be represented at pre proceedings meetings and in Care Proceedings by an experienced Solicitor who is a member of the Law Society Children Panel which is recognition of expertise in this area of work.

What is a Pre Proceedings Meeting?

This is a meeting convened by social workers when they are worried about the care of a child. The purpose of the meeting is to agree a plan with the parents and/or family members to try and prevent care proceedings being started.

What are Care Proceedings?

These are Court proceedings brought by the Local Authority to obtain court orders to protect children. The most common order applied for by the Local Authority is a Care Order which if granted gives the Local Authority parental responsibility for a child and so enables the Local Authority to remove a child from their parents.

Children Law

At Vanguard Law Solicitors, we understand the complex legal issues which surround the highly specialised area of Children law. Our experienced Children Law solicitor can help you deal with social services if they are involved with the family.

We have the expertise to secure the best possible outcome for you and your family no matter how complicated the situation, from pre-proceedings through to care proceedings representation.

Vanguard Law Solicitors are members of the Law Society Children Panel and as such you can be sure you are dealing with a specialist in law relating to children.

Vanguard Law Solicitors also offer advice on safeguarding and protecting vulnerable adults.