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Child Law Specialists

It is always best for children if their parents can agree arrangements between themselves. However, at Vanguard Law Solicitors we understand that this is not always possible for a variety of reasons. We are here to offer specialist legal advice in relation to all child law matters. We can answer all those questions you have in respect of your family.

  • What are the best Child Arrangements now that we are separated? Who should my child live with and who should they spend time with? Can our children share their time between two households?
  • I want to change my child’s name but the other parent doesn’t agree? I want to relocate to another part of the country with the children. Do I need the other parent to agree? I want to move abroad with the children but the other parent won’t agree.
  • Do I have Parental responsibility? I have parental responsibility but what does this mean?
  • My children have not returned after a trip abroad. What can I do?
  • Is Surrogacy illegal? Can I have a child by surrogacy?
  • Who can adopt a child? What is the adoption process?
  • Do we have rights as Grandparents’?
  • What Financial Provision is available for the children? What financial provision should I make for my children?

We are here for you

Vanguard Law Solicitors can help you negotiate an agreement or where that is not possible represent you in court proceedings to resolve the issue for the benefit of your family.