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Relationship Breakdown

Vanguard Law Solicitors are highly experienced in all divorce, civil partnership dissolution and separation issues. We specialise in financial matters following marital breakdown. Spouses may be entitled to transfer of property, payment of cash lump sums, sharing of pensions and payment of maintenance. We aim to help you reach a fair settlement amicably and as quickly as possible. We can also represent you in court proceedings relating to family finances on divorce or civil partnership dissolution known as financial relief proceedings as well as proceedings under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996.

Vanguard Law Solicitors aren’t just here for when things go wrong and relationships breakdown. We can help you with pre-nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements set out what will happen if a marriage fails. Couples often use them to protect assets they are bringing in to the marriage often from inheritance or a previous relationship. At present a court does not have to uphold a pre-nuptial agreement but a court will take the contents of any agreement in to consideration when deciding what a fair settlement is. Vanguard Law Solicitors can advise you as to whether there is any benefit to you in having a pre-nuptial agreement.


Over the past 20 years the fastest growing family type has been unmarried couples living together. Many cohabiting couples believe that they have the same rights as married couples after having children or living together for a set period of time. This is simply untrue and often people do not realise until it is too late. Cohabitees have virtually no legal protection regarding property not registered in joint names and no right to “spousal” maintenance or pension sharing even if they have children. There are no automatic rights of inheritance.

Vanguard Law Solicitors can help you protect yourselves. Matters to consider are


  • A Cohabitation Agreement to set out your intentions around property, finances and how you would support any children if you were to split up.
  • If owning a property jointly ensuring that the way in which you own the property accurately reflects your intentions. If you intend to own the property in unequal shares we can advise on a declaration of trust
  • Making a Will to set out who you would want to receive your assets after your death