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The rights of Grandparents

Family Court

We live in a tumultuous world that may sometimes leave us in helpless situations where our loved ones could be concerned; a common issue on the rise in the UK today is the rights of grandparents. When a breakdown in a home occurs it is usually the parents seen contesting custody of their children and more often than not the relationship children hold with their grandparent’s and the effect this will have on them takes a backseat.

A relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is an important bond that helps to cultivate a child’s outlook and enriches their life. Sadly, it is a common occurrence in today’s society for children to spend much of their time shuffling between the homes of their parents that the grandparents tend not to even get a look in.

However all is not lost, the family court does recognise the invaluable role a grandparent plays in their grandchild’s life so if you are a loving grandparent and you’ve found yourself unable to see your grandchild do not despair. Whilst you do not have an automatic right to apply to the family court there is definitely something we can do to help you see your grandchildren again.

What is the process we take?

In the first instance we would attempt to reach an agreement with the parents but should we be unsuccessful we will then file an application to the court to seek permission to apply for a child arrangements order confirming the time the children spent with you. Expert legal advice becomes vital at this point as you must persuade the court that you have a connection with your grandchildren and that the order you seek would be in the children’s best interests. When the decision is left up to the court in most instances they always encourage contact with grandparents unless of course issues such as violence and abuse are involved.

If you’re a grandparent seeking legal advice and require assistance do not hesitate to contact us today on 0800 622664, via social media, our website or email for a free no obligation consultation.